Sedia Elettrica (The Electric Chair) (1969) - Director By Demofilo Fidani

Sedia elettrica -=- 1969

Sedia elettrica (1969)


Production co: Tarquinia Film
97 min 23 August 1969 - Italy
Library synopsis: [En] Johnny’s (Dino Strano) world begins to fall from under his feet. His girlfriend betrays him and is unfaithful to him, even with the “Vagabond”. In the end this is what destroys Johnny. He is killed in cold blood . Condamned to the electric chair and awaiting his execution Fred (Reza Beyk Imanverdi) lies down on the small bed in the condamned cell and relives the awful memories of his hellish childhood. Large tears run down his face. Nothing and nobody can save Fred, least of all Margie. The only good thing is that she will now be free, rid of the man condamned. Lights are dimmed, somebody pulls a lever, one more moment, a life is over, when the lights come back on, then what? Written by Domenico Laminafra


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